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Due to unprecedented demand we’ve had to take the difficult decision to close our waiting list and stop registering new patients. Read more

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If you’d like to join us as a patient, please get in touch by completing the form below (or by email or on 01845 523620), and we’ll let you know our availability.

We’re currently very busy, but we’d be delighted to add you to our waiting list. We’re making every effort to see patients as soon as possible, and will try to prioritise anyone with an urgent problem or who has anything else they’d like to address.

Appointments with the hygienist are available without needing to join the waiting list.

We don’t offer services for the NHS, so you can join us on a private basis. Many of our patients choose to join one of our Membership Plans as a convenient way to manage their dental health.

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    When we contact you to confirm an appointment, we will ask you to pay the £73 appointment fee in advance to secure your appointment.

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    Opening Times: Mon: 9-1, 2-7. Tue-Fri: 9-1, 2-5.

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    Cancellation Policy

    We request that all cancellations are made with at least 2 full working days' notice (e.g. An appointment at 2pm on Monday should be cancelled before 2pm the previous Thursday).
    Even if there are less than 2 working days until your appointment, we are still grateful for any cancellation to be made in advance.

    If you miss your first appointment, or cancel with less than two full working days' notice, we will retain the payment taken at the time of booking. We will ask you to pay again when you re-book your appointment

    Read the policy in full >


    We are located in a first floor premises. There are 20 stairs up to the practice and, though we are unfortunately not permitted to have a stairlift, we do have handrails both sides to assist our less mobile patients.
    Please confirm you have read the Cancellation policy and the Accessibility information:

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    What to expect at your first appointment

    When you arrive

    We want you to be happy and comfortable when you visit, so we will give you a warm, friendly welcome.

    You can have a seat in our comfortable, relaxing waiting room, read a magazine, listen to the radio (and complete a small amount of paperwork).

    Your appointment

    When you come through for your appointment, we want to provide you with the best quality, bespoke care. To do this, we will get to know a bit about you, your dental health and what you want to achieve from your dental care.

    Once we have completed your detailed Dental Health Check, we will discuss what we have found, and how we can help you achieve your goals with your dental health. We will discuss your options so we can help you decide the best way forward with your dental health.

    Read more about Dental Health Checks here

    After your appointment

    After your appointment, we will make sure you have all the information you need, including a written copy of any Treatment Plan. Our friendly front-of-house team will help you book your next appointment at a time convenient for you.

    We can send you complimentary appointment reminders by email or SMS (if you choose), because we know life can get busy.


    The practice is in a first floor premises. There are 20 stairs up to the practice and, though we are unfortunately not permitted to have a stairlift, we do have handrails both sides to assist our less mobile patients.

    There is a disabled parking bay immediately opposite the entrance, in front of the police station.

    All parking areas in Thirsk Market Place (including disabled spaces) are on cobbled surfaces.

    If you are unable to manage the stairs, please contact us for further information and assistance.