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Do you want a fresh, stain-free smile?

Something for a special occasion?

And it helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy too?

Choose Air-n-Go Stain Removal

Air-n-Go Stain removal

Do you have tea or coffee stains on your teeth? Red wine perhaps?

Air-n-Go with our hygienist is a great way to remove surface stains and deposits from your teeth to get a fresh, clean smile.

It uses a gentle air-powder-water jet in order to gently and effectively clean and polish your teeth

If you have a special occasion such as a wedding or holiday coming up, Air-n-Go could be a great option

Why choose Air-n-Go?

Air-n-Go offers something a little different to your regular hygiene appointments.

Unlike a ‘regular polish’, Air-n-Go focuses on removing all the soft plaque and any cosmetic surface staining from all the surfaces of your teeth. It can get into the nooks and crannies which are usually inaccessible.

Your hygienist can use this to help improve your gum health by highlighting difficult-to-see soft plaque, but also to refresh your smile so you can look your best.

We have 2 options for your Air-n-Go appointment

1. Air-n-Go Smile for stain removal:

If you’re looking for a solution to remove stains from tea, coffee or red wine, Air-n-Go is a great option.

The hygienist will concentrate on removing all the staining from your teeth so you can look your best.

This is a great option for special occasions, holidays, or just for a treat.

2. Air-n-Go Health for healthy teeth and gums

At your Air-n-Go Health appointment, your hygienist would take time to colour and highlight any plaque deposits which helps you to see exactly where and how deposits are forming.

The hygienist will use Air-n-Go to gently but thoroughly remove all the soft deposits and staining to leave your teeth looking and feeling clean and fresh.

Air-n-Go gives a much fresher feel and stain-free appearance than your regular hygiene appointments

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