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Price list

Price list

Membership Plans

Joining a Membership Plan can save you money, including 15% on most fees, as shown in the price list below.
Plans are available from only £12.19 a month. Click here for further details.

Adult Private Fees 2020

While restrictions are in place due to COVID-19, our updated price list can be found here

Routine care and Hygiene



Dental Health CheckInclusive£34.50
New patient Dental Health Check (including X-rays)£65£65
2 X-raysInclusive£12
Hygienist appt (short)Inclusive (Essentials membership)£38
Hygienist appt (medium)Inclusive (Extended or Plus membership)£49.50
Hygienist appt (medium – direct access)n/a£56
Hygienist appt (long)£60.35£71

Cosmetic Dental Treatments



Teeth Whitening£245.65£289
Composite veneer£152.15£179
Emax Porcelain veneer£390.15£459
Emax Porcelain crown£390.15£459
White filling£63.75 – £105.40£75 – £124

Replacing missing teeth



Dental ImplantPlease contact us for your consultation
Free for existing patients
£65 for non-registered patients
Adhesive bridge (porcelain-metal)
Replacing one tooth 
Adhesive bridge (metal-free)
Replacing one tooth
Conventional bridge (porcelain-metal)
Replacing one tooth
Conventional bridge (metal-free)
Replacing one tooth
£509.15 – £704.65£599 – £829
Acrylic partial denture£338.30 – £407.15£398 – £479
Cobalt-chrome partial denture£508.30 – £585.65£598 – £689
Full denture (single/pair)£438.60 / £600.10£516/£706

Repairing damaged teeth



Silver amalgam filling£51 – £75.65£60 – £89
White filling£63.75 – 105.40£75 – 124
Crown (porcelain-metal)£364.65£429
Crown (High-strength zirconia)£368.90£434
Crown (Gold alloy)£449.65£529
Root canal filling£156.40 – 271.15£184 – 319
Extraction£62.90 – 122.40£74-144

Children’s Private Fees

We recommend children are registered on a Membership Plan to ensure optimum health at great value. However, we can register children on a pay-as-you-go basis if preferred. Fees are as follows:

New patient Dental Health Check:
£34 (age 12-17)
£28 (age 5-11)

Existing patient Dental Health Check
£28 (5-17)

All other treatments: 20% off adult fees as shown above
Download Children’s price list 2020

NHS fees are set annually by the NHS and the 2019-20 fees are as follows:

Band 1 Treatment: £22.70

Includes examination, diagnosis, treatment planning, X-rays, and simple scaling if required

Urgent Treatment: £22.70

Includes treatment to relieve severe pain or treat problems that cannot wait until a later appointment. Only treatment for a single problem may be included

Band 2 Treatment: £62.10

Includes Band 1 treatment, plus any fillings, root canal fillings, extractions or periodontal treatment if required

Band 3 Treatment: £269.30

Includes all Band 1 and 2 treatment, plus crowns, bridges veneers or dentures if required