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Alex Sharp

Alex Sharp

I graduated from Newcastle Upon Tyne in 2015 and have worked across 9 practices in the North East and Yorkshire learning a variety of different skills and observing how other dental practices operate. I have done post graduate training in different fields including advanced restorative dentistry, teeth straightening and cosmetic dentistry.

My special interest in dentistry is working alongside anxious patients to build their trust and confidence in coming to see me so that I can serve their needs in the way which is right for them. My core value is honestly and I will always be transparent and open with my patients.

I founded a community called Dental Disruptors whose purpose is to educate and support clinicians in the industry to navigate the challenges of finding the right practice to work in. This is a passion project of mine and gives me a great deal of pride and pleasure in helping other clinicians not to make the mistakes I did when starting out in dentistry. I provide educational videos, I write blogs, record podcasts, do lectures, host monthly masterminds and have created a platform where clinicians can share their experiences together.

My two dogs Nala and Kovu keep me busy, filthy and tired at times but I love every minute I spend with them. I play board games and video games being the nerd that I am and listen to rock, metal and classical music. I play piano and electric guitar and I enjoy callisthenic training have recently started acrobatic gymnastics training.