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Invisalign®, the Clear Alternative To Braces,

with Tom Calvert at Market Place Dentistry

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    Do you have crowded or uneven teeth?

    Would you like a natural, straight smile?

    Do you want to avoid train-track braces?

    The great news is we can help.

    Invisalign clear aligners give you a great, natural, straight smile without the need for train-track braces

    See what your new smile could look like using the SmileView tool >

    Why choose Invisalign Go over ‘train track’ braces?

    InvisalignGo is a reliable, comfortable and virtually invisible way to straighten crowded teeth.

    Invisalign clear aligners are virtually invisible so people may not even notice you’re wearing them.

    The aligners are convenient because you can remove them for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. You can also remove them for any special occasions

    Invisalign aligners are also much more comfortable than traditional braces because there are no metal brackets or wires that could irritate your mouth, come unfixed, or break. 

    Could Invisalign Go treatment be right for me?

    Invisalign treatment is a great way for adults to straighten crowded teeth without the need for visible braces. So if you have crowded or uneven teeth, and you’d like a straighter smile without traditional braces, this could be just what you’re looking for.

    You get a great looking result with your natural teeth in a neater arrangement. You can also combine Invisalign with whitening or other enhancements.

    We can use invisalign to correct most of the common simple teeth-straightening and bite issues. Occasionally, we may recommend that you see a specialist orthodontist instead and we can let you know at your consultation if this is the case.

    How does Invisalign Go work?

    Invisalign Go uses a series of clear aligners which apply gentle pressure to help straighten the front teeth (10 top teeth and 10 bottom teeth). You would change to a new set of aligners every 1-2 weeks, and we carefully monitor your progress at regular check-in appointments every few weeks.

    Why choose Invisalign as a provider?

    Invisalign is the world’s leading clear aligner system, with thousands of dentists in over 100 countries, treating millions of patients

    Invisalign uses ClinCheck technology. This means we can show you a 3D simulation of your expected new smile, just from taking some photographs and dental impressions
    Invisalign’s aligners are made of SmartTrack material which gives the aligners their precision, comfort and predictability

    How do I get started?

    Just ask your dentist at your next appointment. We can arrange a consultation with Tom where he can let you know more about the treatment and how it might work for you.

    How long does it take?

    Treatment typically takes 6-9 months and we can usually give you an estimated time frame at the start of treatment. The duration can vary slightly depending on the complexity of the case and on how the treatment progresses.

    How much does Invisalign Go cost?

    Like all types of orthodontic treatment, the price of Invisalign treatment can vary. This depends on the complexity of your dental correction and the likely duration of your treatment.

    The usual cost is around £2500-£3500 and we will provide a personalised estimate before your treatment starts.

    What is involved?

    Step 1 – Consultation, assessment, planning for invisalign treatment.

    We start your Invisalign treatment start with a consultation. We will discuss what you want to achieve so we evaluate your smile and put together a precise, customised digital treatment plan. This would showcase the step-by-step transformation of your smile based on your specific requirements so you can visualise your final result.

    Step 2 – Transform your smile!

    Once you are happy with your treatment plan, we will arrange for Invisalign to professionally create your unique set of aligners.

    You wear each set of aligners for 22 hours a day and change to a new set of aligners every 1-2 weeks. Each set of aligners will gently and gradually shift your teeth into place, according to your treatment plan, towards your beautiful new smile. 

    Your Invisalign aligners are virtually transparent and easy to take out, so you can eat and brush your teeth as normal,

    We will see you every 4-6 weeks so we can check your progress.

    Step 3 – Your retainers

    At the end of your treatment, we will fit your retainers to hold your new straight smile in position for great, long-lasting results

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