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Natural-looking Crowns

Crowns should look just like natural teeth

You probably think of somebody where you can tell they have dental crowns. Old crowns don’t look natural, and so they can stand out in your smile.

Emax Porcelain crowns look just like your natural teeth, so you can smile confidently, and nobody will know you have them.

Not only can we use Emax crowns to blend in with your existing smile, we can use them to transform your smile.

 Why should you choose Emax crowns?

  • Emax crowns are the gold standard in achieving a great, natural appearance
  • They will allow you to smile fully and confidently.
  • Emax crowns are metal-free (unlike common porcelain-metal crowns) so they can be translucent, just like natural enamel.
  • Emax crowns can incorporate all of the colours, characteristics and textures of your natural teeth, in order to give as natural an appearance as possible.
  • Your crowns are ready to use straight away after fitting, so you can carry on eating, drinking and brushing immediately

 Our patients

Julie from Thirsk

I have had a new front crown fitted. The match is fantastic and the whole treatment and service from start to finish has been excellent.
I would thoroughly recommend Market Place Dentistry

We can restore broken teeth with lifelike restorations

Barry broke his front tooth. He chose to use a realistic Emax crown to restore the tooth, which has all the characteristics of natural enamel so it blends in with his natural teeth

Barry - Porcelain Crowns before Barry - Porcelain Crowns after

We can renew your old crowns which may be past their best

Winnie chose Emax crowns to replace her old ones, which were damaged and unsightly. The better-fitting Emax crowns have also helped to improve Winnie’s gums, which are lighter in colour, and therefore healthier.

Winnie - Porcelain Crowns before Winnie - Porcelain Crowns after

We can sort out your single, noticeable crown

Andrea had a single, old crown with a dark gumline. We used an Emax crown to replace the old one which gave an excellent outcome

Andrea - porcelain crowns before Andrea- Porcelain Crowns after

see more photos in the gallery

More about Emax and other crown materials

1. Emax all-ceramic (metal-free)

emax1 emax2

Can be used for: Crowns, veneers, or small bridges on front teeth

Best for: Great appearance

Cost: £532

Appearance: Emax porcelain is the gold standard for appearance. We can give the crown all the shades, characteristics and textures of natural enamel which makes them incredibly lifelike

Strength: Very good. When we fit Emax crowns to front teeth, it’s rare that they would chip or break. Chipping may be more likely on back teeth as biting forces are higher.

Tooth preservation: The crown is around 1.0-1.5mm thick, so tooth preservation is moderate.

2. Zirconia metal-free

Zr1 Zr2

Can be used for: Crowns, conventional bridges or adhesive bridges.

Best for: Strength, durability and appearance on back teeth

Cost: £473

Appearance: Zirconia crowns are tooth-coloured so they will blend in with your natural teeth. Their appearance is not quite as good as Emax, so we don’t tend to use them for the very front teeth.

Strength: The strength is excellent as Zirconia can withstand the high forces of chewing on molar teeth.

Tooth preservation: The crown is around 1.0mm thick. Zirconia can also be used for partial coverage crowns, so we can fully preserve any walls of enamel which are intact. This means tooth preservation is very good.

3. Porcelain-metal


Can be used for: Crowns, conventional bridges and adhesive bridges

Cost: £495

Appearance: The appearance of porcelain-metal crowns is usually good when new. However, we cannot give the porcelain the same translucency as natural enamel as the grey internal metal layer must be masked out. Therefore the appearance can never be as good as Emax crowns.

Over time, the gum may recede and expose a dark line at the gumline where the metal shows through. This is a common problem with old porcelain-metal crowns.

Strength: The internal metal layer is very strong, but sometimes the porcelain can chip away from the surface which exposes the metal underneath. (if this happens, the crown is still functional, but may not look or feel very nice).

Tooth preservation: The crown is 0.5-1.5mm thick, so tooth preservation is moderate.

4. Gold

gold (1)

Can be used for: Crowns on back teeth (or front teeth if you want)

Best for: Tooth preservation, strength

Cost: £640

Appearance: Not great if you’re going for a natural look.

Strength: Excellent. Gold alloy is easily able to withstand the biting forces on back teeth.

Tooth preservation: Excellent. Gold crowns can be very thin, from 0.5-1.0mm. Gold alloy can be used for partial coverage crowns, so we can fully preserve any walls of enamel which are intact. This means tooth preservation is the best of all types of crown.