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Natural-looking Crowns

Do you have old crowns which stand out?
Dark lines at the gumline?
Does it stop you smiling fully and confidently?

The great news is we can help – Emax crowns look just like your own teeth

Crowns should look just like natural teeth

You probably think of somebody where you can tell they have dental crowns. Old crowns don’t look natural, and so they can stand out in your smile.

Emax Porcelain crowns look just like your natural teeth, so you can smile confidently, and nobody will know you have them.

Not only can we use crowns to blend in with your existing smile, we can use them to transform your smile.

 Why should you choose modern Emax or Zirconia crowns?

  • Emax crowns are the gold standard in achieving a great, natural appearance
  • They will allow you to smile fully and confidently.
  • Emax and zirconia crowns are metal-free (unlike the old-fashioned porcelain-metal crowns) so they can be translucent, just like natural enamel.
  • Zirconia crowns are extra-high strength. This means they can be used confidently for heavy-duty chewing.
  • Zirconia crowns can be made extra-thin, which means we can preserve more of the enamel underneath
  • We can incorporate all of the colours, characteristics and textures of your natural teeth, in order to give as natural an appearance as possible.
  • Your crowns are ready to use straight away after fitting, so you can carry on eating, drinking and brushing immediately

 Our patients

Julie from Thirsk

I have had a new front crown fitted. The match is fantastic and the whole treatment and service from start to finish has been excellent.
I would thoroughly recommend Market Place Dentistry

Mike – zirconia crowns and dental implants

Mike crowns before Mike crowns after

Winnie – Emax crowns to replace old front crowns

Winnie crowns before Winnie crowns after

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