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Composite Veneers are a great non-invasive solution

Composite Veneers photo

We can change how your teeth look with composite veneers. The result will look neat but natural, which means you can smile with confidence without your teeth looking artificial.

This is a non-invasive treatment, so it will not damage or weaken your teeth. We do not (usually) have to shave any enamel off your teeth, and we can usually carry out the treatment with no anaesthetic.

Why choose Composite Veneers?

  • They will allow you to smile fully and confidently.
  • We can achieve great results to achieve a neat, natural-looking appearance (porcelain veneers are even better for appearance).
  • The treatment is non-invasive, so it will not weaken or damage your teeth.
  • We can usually carry out the treatment in a single appointment, without anaesthetic
  • Your veneers are ready to use straight away, so you can carry on eating, drinking and brushing immediately
  • Any maintenance in future is usually quite simple

Our patients

Laura from Leeds

I have been so so happy with my experience at Market Place Dentistry from start to finish.
Andy spent a lot of time talking through my options and I decided to go for composite veneers.
He thoroughly explained the process so I have felt at ease at every stage. The end result is excellent, we reviewed each tooth in detail to ensure I was totally happy… and I really am.
Thank you again!


Jenny disliked her lower incisors where they had been affected by acid erosion. They have been restored using composite veneers to bring them back to their original size and shape. Shade layering has been used to achieve the type of colour gradients found in natural enamel.

Jenny veneers before Jenny veneers after


Melanie didn’t like her discoloured and uneven front teeth. We have restored four of the six front teeth with composite veneers to give a much more even appearance. Melanie was delighted with the result.

Melanie veneers before Melanie veneers after

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How does it work?

Composite veneers diagram

The veneer is a thin layer of composite resin, which we apply to the front surface of the tooth. We shape, polish and finish the resin to give an appearance just like a natural tooth, and which fits in with your teeth and smile.

Before we carry out your veneer treatment, we would usually plan your treatment using a mock-up model of your teeth. We can use this to decide the number, position and shape of veneers which would give you the best possible result.

When we are ready to carry out your treatment, we usually apply the veneers all in a single appointment. We can tweak and adjust the shape of the veneers so you are completely happy with the result. It usually takes around 45-60 minutes to complete each veneer. We would not normally need to use anaesthetic.

As with all teeth and restorations, composite veneers will need maintenance over time. However, maintenance is relatively straightforward – we may need to polish, smooth or repair your veneers from time to time.

Interested in composite veneers?