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Practice Culture and Values

Excellence in care and service is the standard that we must never fall below.

Teamwork and collaboration helps us achieve our goals.

Honesty and openness builds and nurtures meaningful relationships.

Open minded thinking develops a mindset of learning and development and pushes ego aside.

Meaningful work ensures we feel we are making a difference and progressing towards a goal.

Meaningful relationships will improve our wellbeing, make us happy and ensures we enjoy the time we invest with the people we work with.

Disruption of conventional business attitudes enables us to transform the dental industry.

Horizontal business structure ensures we are all in it together and promotes collaboration.

Thoughtful disagreement ensures that everyone has their right to openly share their views on an issue without fear of judgement or punishment.

Evidence-based decision making ensures that decisions are made based on evidence, not power or position.

Calculated innovation is required in order to drive progress and disruption.

Feedback and review is multidirectional and compulsory – everyone must be held accountable including all managers and business owners.

Opportunity and development – stagnation is regression and so we must always seek to develop our knowledge and skills

Feeling relaxed and having fun – we spend half of our waking lives at work so we want to have fun while doing it!

Protecting the natural world is our shared duty and we are continually developing new ways to reduce our wastage and carbon footprint