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Dental Implants

Susan - Dental Implants beforeSusan - Dental Implants after

Susan had a baby tooth for her upper canine for years as the adult tooth had to be removed before it came through. When the baby tooth finally came out, the tooth has been replaced with a dental implant.

At the tender age of 50 I finally lost my last milk tooth! With no natural replacement to come I reviewed the options available with my dentist and decided to explore the idea of having an implant. Andy was recommended and after an initial consultation I felt quite at ease and confident in his ability. This early impression was not misplaced. His professionalism and competence coupled with his warmth and easy manner made a quite daunting prospect a surprisingly comfortable experience. I'm now 6 months on and have to make a conscious effort to think which tooth is the implant. Overall I am thrilled with the service of Andy and the whole team, I could not recommend them enough.