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Dental Implants

Jim - Dental Implants beforeJim - Dental Implants after

Jim lost a molar tooth due to a longstanding infection. During his implant treatment, Jim’s infection was cleared and the tooth replaced.

I decided on an implant as a long-term solution to replace a crown sitting above a stubborn abscess, with a gap alongside it.
The treatment was explained to me with discussions of the X-rays and details of each process making me feel totally involved.
The end result was even better than I had hoped for, my abscess was removed, the bone density restored and the implant feels exactly the same as any of my natural teeth.
I felt totally reassured and confident throughout the process and I don't think anybody could have made a better job of it than Andy.
There is a lot of work involved and it isn't cheap but a near permanent solution to a troublesome tooth is a good investment in my case.