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Open during November

Open during November

The prime minister announced recently that the country would enter a 4-week lockdown starting from Thursday 5th November.

If you have an appointment booked, you can still attend.
If you have a dental problem, you can still get in touch for an appointment.

Dental practices are allowed to stay open during the lockdown so under the upcoming restrictions, we do not plan to cancel or postpone any scheduled appointments. We’ve spent the last 5 months working with all our cross-infection control procedures, screening, social distancing measures, and cleaning protocols in place so we can ensure you have a safe visit.

As a patient, you are allowed to attend dental appointments during the lockdown period (unless you have to self-isolate).

Hygiene and other routine appointments are important

Dental health checks help to identify and treat any problems early, and your dental hygiene appointments are an important way to help keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy going forwards.
We think it’s important during lockdowns to offer not just urgent appointments but also your routine care, so we will be here as usual to help you look after your dental health.