Composite Veneers

Shaping natural smiles


What is it?

A veneer is a facing applied to the front surface of teeth visible in the smile in order to improve their appearance. Composite is a resin-based polymer material that is applied directly to the tooth surface and bonded in place.

Diagram of a composite veneer:Composite Veneer Diagram


What is it for?

Improving the appearance of teeth visible in the smile, usually upper front teeth. This may be for teeth which are discoloured, misshapen, crowded, chipped or eroded. Composite veneers are slightly more limited in their capability than porcelain veneers as the teeth are not re-shaped (by shaving down) prior to placing the veneers.

What does the procedure involve?

Composite veneers are usually completed at a single appointment. Usually, the teeth are not prepared prior to placing the veneers. This means local anaesthetic is usually not required, and the teeth are not shaved down at all. The composite is applied directly to the front surface of the teeth and moulded to the required shape and size before being set and bonded to the teeth. The veneers are then finely shaped and polished to achieve the desired appearance. It is relatively straightforward to reshape composite veneers either by adding or removing composite, either at the initial appointment or any follow-up appointments if desired

What are the alternative treatments?

How long will it last?

It is difficult to place a lifespan on composite veneers because they very rarely need to be fully replaced. However, they do require maintenance. They may periodically stain, chip, crack or fracture and need to be polished or repaired. As no healthy tooth is shaved off, there is no increased risk of tooth decay or abscess provided the teeth are well looked after at home.

Pros and Cons



Non-invasive – No removal of healthy enamel May not be able to correct more severe aesthetic problems
Excellent aesthetics
No anaesthetic
Maintenance is usually simple
Usually completed in single appointment
Very versatile


Melanie – Composite Veneers

Melanie didn’t like her discoloured and uneven front teeth. We have restored four of the six front teeth with composite veneers to give a much more even appearance. Melanie was delighted with the result.

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