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Fees during C19

Fees during C19

We think it’s important to be transparent and to make sure you’re aware of the fees shown below. Costs associated with PPE and social distancing have affected dentistry, but we hope this increase will be short-lived, and that we will be able to revert fees back towards normal in the coming weeks and months.

As ever, our patients on Membership Plans will always pay less for their appointments. If you would like to join a Membership Plan before an appointment, please let us know. Read more about Membership Plans here

For now, fees are:

Routine appointments

 Plan MembersPAYG
Dental Health CheckIncluded£42
New Patient Dental Health Check (including X-rays):n/a£69
X rays (pair)Included£12
Hygienist short appointmentIncluded£44
Hygienist medium appointment Included£58
Hygienist long Appointment:£62.05£73

Urgent Appointments

 Plan MembersPAYG
Longer urgent Appointment£79.90£94
Shorter urgent appointment£69.70£82


 Plan MembersPAYG
White Fillings£110.50 – 164.05£130 – 193
Amalgam Fillings£90.95 – 124.95£107 – 147
Root Canal Treatment£240.55 – 321.30£283 – 378
Crowns£414.80 – 555.90£486 – 654
Extractions£79.90 – 122.40£94 – 144