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Changes to dental Covid guidelines

The government recently published its long-awaited update of Covid-19 guidance for dental practices. Those parts which are relevant for patients are shown below:

Things that haven’t changed

  • We’ll still ask you to complete your pre-appointment checks and Covid screening sent via SMS before your appointment
  • Please wear a face mask when you attend (unless exempt), and use the hand sanitiser when you come in
  • Please respect social distancing in the waiting room. Don’t congregate at the desk – if the receptionist is busy, take a seat until they’re free.

New updates

  • When you arrive for your appointment, there’s no need to call us to tell us you’ve arrived. You can come straight in
  • You may notice that our staff are wearing PPE similar to a pre-pandemic level. The regulators have now realised that our pre-existing high levels of infection control are more than effective when treating patients without suspected or confirmed covid. We are really pleased that this will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce going forwards