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Porcelain Veneers


Porcelain Crowns, Porcelain Veneers, Teeth Whitening

May 2021

Carly didn’t like her teeth because they were discoloured, and misaligned. We have brought Carly’s smile back to life using … Read more

Carly - Porcelain Crowns, Porcelain Veneers, Teeth Whitening beforeCarly - Porcelain Crowns, Porcelain Veneers, Teeth Whitening after


Porcelain Veneers

James’s front teeth had been damaged and previously repaired. Robert wanted the teeth to look more even and three Emax … Read more

James - Porcelain Veneers beforeJames - Porcelain Veneers after


Porcelain Veneers

Mary disliked her uneven, discoloured and misaligned front teeth. They have been restored with three Emax porcelain crowns and veneers … Read more

Mary - Porcelain Veneers beforeMary - Porcelain Veneers after
A friend recommended I visit Andy after I had broken a front tooth, as she had a similar accident and was subsequently very satisfied with the repair that was carried out.

Andy advised me off all my options, and suggested that as well as carrying out a crown repair to my damaged squint tooth, he could also treat my adjoining squint tooth to even up both teeth, which I had had all my life. He also treated an adjacent tooth that had receding gum damage, and I subsequently had porcelain crown and veneer treatment to three teeth.

He explained the cost of each treatment, and also each procedure he carried out very thoroughly beforehand. It was painless and I am more than satisfied with the result, having lovely even front teeth for the first time in my life.

I feel the treatment well worth the cost, and have no hesitation in recommending Andy to others.